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PMC 1250C Tube Forming Machine

PMC 1250C Tube Forming Machine

The PMC 1250C forms single-wrap, one-piece “calippo tube” containers for frozen dessert novelty products.

Unique features of the PMC 1250C include:

  • variable speed drive with PLC controls allows machine speed to automatically adjust to downstream product demands
  • cam-actuated machine and station functions ensure synchronized operation and efficient, repeatable container production
  • hot air sealing produces dependable seals for high-speed production
  • tube end trimmer ensures quality registration of graphics
  • air assisted mechanical stripper provides bottom seal integrity
  • touch-screen display provides direct control of machine operation and easy monitoring of diagnostic and production data.

There is an integral counter-stacker option which allows the operator to load materials, operate the machine and pack off formed tubes all from a single station.


  • Production Rate

    125 containers per minute

  • Conversion Materials

    One-side or two-side heat-sealable polyethylene coated paper board. Foil or film laminates may be included. Curled top edge requires SBS cup stock.

  • Container Capacities

    The PMC 1250C forms a wide range of popular sizes.

To learn more about PMC's fast, productive, flexible line of container forming machines, contact Donna Lehto, Marketing & Sales Coordinator at dlehto@papermc.com.