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Transfer Turret Gripper Clamp Cam Rise   SB 009.1

Service Bulletin: SB 009.1

Subject: Transfer Turret Gripper Clamp Cam Rise


To provide higher rise of the Transfer Turret Grippers at the entry station (ie blank in-feed) a new split Gripper Clamp Cam 24448-C with a higher lift is available. This cam replaces the minimum lift Cam 12781-C furnished since 1964. With increased lift the new cam will allow adjustment for ultimate wear of the Gripper Racks 81189-B and Bushings 81190-A.

When Installing Cam 24448-C the Plunger at the blanking die station (item 1, figure 29, page 28 of the Service Manual) should be adjusted for a 1/8″ (0-32 mm) clearance above the Transfer Turret Wear Ring. The clearance between the Plunger and Rack Adjusting Nut will be greater than 0.020″ (0.05-1 mm).

As the Rack Gear wears adjust Plunger upward as required to maintain 1/8″ (0-32 mm) lift of Grippers. When clearance between Plunger and Rack Adjusting nuts is reduced to .02011 (0.051 mm) no further adjustment is possible and Racks and/or Bushings must be replaced.