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Noise Reduction — Segmented Roll Feeder   SB 019.1

Service Bulletin: SB 019.1

Subject: Noise Reduction — Segmented Roll Feeder


All segmented roll type sidewall feeders used with photo electric eye registration units, or with in-line printers can be improved to reduce noise. The accelerated contact of web against the curved plate in the rear of the feeder causes excessive operating noise. This can be greatly reduced,up to two decibels, by attaching a tension spring across the feeder to keep the web loop build up toward the lower half of the curved plate.

Two “S” hooks and a tension spring mounted in the manner shown below are all that is required. Caution should be taken to not position the spring too low thereby causing the web to double back into the feed rolls.


If not available locally, a spring and two hooks can be purchased