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Reduction Drive Sprocket Retention   SB 026.1

Service Bulletin: SB 026.1

Subject: Reduction Drive Sprocket Retention


All PMC G-1000-Mark V cup machines with chain drive to the bottom finish stations have a taper lock bushing to retain the drive sprocket off the Reduction Drive Assembly. Ref. PMC assembly drawing 18217-E item. eleven and twelve.

Field reports have indicated it is possible that the locking set screws retaining the taper lock bushing to the vertical shaft (#18277-C) and sprocket bore can unknowingly come loose. This can cause the bottom stations to go out of time and damage other parts of the machine. To prevent such an occurrence we are requesting that each customer replace the two clocking set screws-in the bushing with two 3/8-16 x 7/8 long grade five minimum hex head cap screws, altered per the print enclosed, wire tie the heads together.

The following procedure-is recommended:

1.) Remove present set screws and taper lock bushing.

2.) Clean sprocket bore and body of bushing in solvent to remove any oil film. must be clean and dry on reinstallation.

3.) Alter standard 3/8-16 NC x 7/8 Lg. Hex Head cap screw of three line grade 5 minimum strength per sketch enclosed.

4.) Install taper lock bushing with: altered screws pulled up tight. Tap end of bushing to insure positive taper contact and retighten screws fully

5.) Wire lock the two screws together to prevent any future rotation of the screws.