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Bottom Stock Guide Plate — Tooling   SB 027.1

Service Bulletin: SB 027.1

Subject: Bottom Stock Guide Plate — Tooling


Presently, all bottom stock spacer or guide plates are manufactured to be nominally 0.03″ (0.76 mm) wider in width than the specified slit width of the bottom stock. This clearance is established so as to permit the minimum of paper waste for the cut out bottom disc. To gain this advantage it is necessary to accurately control the slit width tolerance of bottom roll stock. The latter requirement at times is difficult, either by slitting equipment or operator limitations and causes waste and/or cup machine operating problems.

We can offer, for any specified tool set, a new designed two piece Guide Plate which can be adjusted as required to compensate for as much as 1/8″ excessive web width to properly feed through the bottom maker. This capability is for a uniform web width variation within a slit roll of bottomstock. The Guide can be re-set as required for any roll fed into the machine.

The two piece Spacer and Guide Plate are a set for any specified nominal web width. When ordering the set, state cup size, drawing number ( i.e. 7 oz. #23002-D), and current nominal web width.

Prices for two piece tooling Spacer and Guide Plate for PMC Model K2000, GX-1000, GXE and PMC-1500 will be quoted on request.