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Wear Bushings — Rimming Stations   SB 039.1

Service Bulletin: SB 039.1

Subject: Wear Bushings — Rimming Stations


New high wear resistant aluminum/bronze bushings can be installed in place of sintered or solid bronze bushings in the Rimming and Top Curl Stations of the G-1000 machine.


These include:

Two Upper Base Bushings for Ram Rod Guides can be replaced by special bushing 23759-B. When installed, customer must provide connecting oil lines from the main drive lubrication system. Basic instructions will be supplied. PMC machines with serial number 3400 on used this design and if available can be used as an installation guide.

Upper Base Bushing 23759-B Two Required Per Machine

Top Curl Stand 81109-C Bushings to guide the Ram Rod can be replaced by Bushing 23758-A with two required per machine.

The Top Curl Ram used for either the pre-curl, hot head or Lid Groover Stations can have bushing 23760-A installed for improved wear life.