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Glue Seal Machine Disconnect   SB 060.1

Service Bulletin: SB 060.1

Subject: Glue Seal Machine Disconnect


Recent and current model glue machines use a series of “Imperial” quick connect couplings for both air and adhesive lines into the glue manifold. Experience has shown that the adhesive lines should have the Imperial Connector #298-PSS 1/4T x 1/8P modified to insure a continuous flow of adhesive.

The Connector should have the internal shut-off mechanism (0-Rings, Spring and Plunger) removed from the female coupling as described on drawing 29371-A. A print of 29371-A is enclosed for all installations having glue seal machinery, as well as sub-assembly 28640-B to identify the adhesive lines connecting to the manifold. Glue seal type machinery having glue seal tooling installed at our factory prior to shipment has had these connectors altered but purchased spare parts are shipped without modification. The customer would alter as required on replacement installation since air lines using the same basic connector are to be used as purchased.

We suggest that pre-altered connectors be stamped with part number 29371-A and inventoried in spare parts separate from air line connectors. Modified Connector 29371-A is available.