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Electronic Glue Valve System   SB 061.1

Service Bulletin: SB 061.1

Subject: Electronic Glue Valve System


Earlier model G-1000 glue seal machines having serial numbers up to G-1000-7483-3600 used a custom designed mechanical glue valve metering system. A new electronic glue valve metering system can be installed in place of the mechanical valve assembly. The new system gives simplified priming, accurate glue metering, and positive shut off.

The system also includes an electric eye sensing unit to lift the Stencil Plate away from the Blank Support table when no blank is under the Stencil. This prevents adhesive from being put on the Support Table surface.

PMC can supply a complete retrofit Glue Metering Assembly 28950-C, Electric Eye Lifter unit 27435-B,. Electrical retrofit components 27512-B, and rework electrical schematic is available.

When ordering specify this Service Bulletin and machine serial number. Tooling Glue Manifolds not having a dual manifold system (i.e. separate side and bottom seam adhesive chambers) will require disconnecting one of the glue lines from the supplied Glue Valve Body.

To support up to three (3) revised glue seal systems of this design it is recommended that spare parts be inventoried consisting of:


1 28640-B Complete Valve Body Assembly with SS.Disconnect Fittings
1 R561-B Valve Body Assembly
20 R510 Diaphragm
10 R550 Stem
1 1042-SRC Solid State Relay

All prices are firm for sixty days and then are subject to change. Assembly prints referenced will be forwarded on request.