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1st Bottom Station Heating Assembly   SB 064.1

Service Bulletin: SB 064.1

Subject: 1st Bottom Station Heating Assembly


For G-1000 machines purchased with a heat seal option thru serial number G-1000-XXXX-3600 and delivered thru 1977, a new First Bottom Station Heated Ring Accessory is available.

The new assembly 29552-D provides a four-way adjustment capability of the heated ring, as well as the tubular heater provisions referenced in Service Bulletin 62-5-79. The independent adjustment of the tooling heated ring without changing the centerline location of the bladed spinner tooling insures positive contact around the cup shell in this station.

The new design requires replacement of the basic Slide Housing casting with part number 25783-D, using existing internal parts of the assembly. The new four way adjustable accessory unit can then be mounted to the new Slide Housing, and the existing tooling Heated Ring installed.

The complete assembly is available.

Machine models purchased as only glue seal may also incorporate this design for improved bottom sealing. Glue seal models require a remote temperature control unit to be locally wired to the main console.

Replacement or new tooling rings to be installed in the Heater Holder Ring are available.

When ordering specify cup size and drawing number and drawing number.