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Top Cud Lubricator Spray Valve Assembly   SB 070.1

Service Bulletin: SB 070.1

Subject: Top Cud Lubricator Spray Valve Assembly


In 1974 on the 3200 series of G-1000 machines, a pulsating spray system for lubricating the first top curl tool was introduced. The basic system was offered in 1975 as a retrofit assembly on Service Bulletin 13-6-75.

In recent years a new heavy duty actuator valve number 25OP-3-10-21 was introduced replacing the original 125MP-3-10-21 valve. This new valve gave a more positive pulsating action and for a significantly increased cycle life. With the use of this heavy-duty valve, a new adjustable actuating arm assembly was also required. The new arm also incorporated a positive safety assembly feature when mounted to the pre-curl ram.

To install the new valve and arm assembly on earlier units requires:

One -(l) each of 26811-A, 26812-A, 26813-A, 26816-A Valve 250P-3-1 0-’21 and Spring LC-072J-6 Recommended spare valve repair kit SRK-250

When ordering reference this service bulletin.

Customers requiring the Tamper Lubricator Assembly itself as shown on drawing 28752-D can order this assembly along with the required retrofit parts and installation instructions with existing mineral oil generators.