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Blank Grippers — Transfer Turret   SB 071.1

Service Bulletin: SB 071.1

Subject: Blank Grippers — Transfer Turret


Field reports have indicated that on occasion the hardened Blank Grippers used on the Transfer Turret break in service. This can be caused due to brittleness in the hardened part and/or excessive clamping pressure.

To eliminate this problem all Grippers will be supplied of a much heavier thickness. On installation you, will need to grind the top of the Gripper surface just as it was-always necessary to grind the front edge. Sufficient material must be removed to clear the upper sealing tools either pre-heats or the Glue Stencil.

It is believed that this additional installation alteration will be more than offset by the extended service life of the Gripper itself. All parts supplied will now be of this heavy-duty design.