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Bottom Finish Clamp Ring   SB 078.1

Service Bulletin: SB 078.1

Subject: Bottom Finish Clamp Ring


New and replacement Bottom Finish Clamp Rings having a water circulating chamber have formerly been constructed from two pieces of steel welded together to form a water tight chamber. Despite rigid quality control, customers experienced occasional water leakage. Rings for large base diameter cups often required a vertical tower for hose connections. This design was very expensive to manufacture and had abnormal quality problems.

In order to reduce cost, and insure consistent quality, a new design is now being used. The water chamber will be formed from a formed copper tube which is soldered into the face of the steel Clamp Ring. Water line connections will be made with commercial fittings and hose. The photograph included shows how the connecting hoses are to be secured to the side of Finish Station Housing.

For the immediate future, replacement Clamp Rings of the new design will be supplied with hose fittings and clamps to assist in initial installation on existing machines.