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Cam Follower Index Cams   SB 084.1

Service Bulletin: SB 084.1

Subject: Cam Follower Index Cams


In order to obtain the total benefit of the center web tracking index cams used on all PMC machines a close tolerance cam follower series should be used. This special series of followers has the same nominal dimensions of the followers currently specified but with very close tolerance fits on both the internal needle bearing construction and the outer race diameter.

It is-recommended that the-new close tolerance followers be used when ever replacements are made. Preferably this should be done as a full set.

Followers can be ordered from our inventory.

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Rimming Turret
G-1000 CFH-1-3/4B-5 CF-2B-6 CF-1-1/2B-7
GX-1000 CFH-1-3/4B-5 CF-2B-6 CF-1-3/4B-5
PMC-1500 CF-2B-6 CB-2B-6 CF-2B-6