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Cam Follower Replacement Folding Wing Cam Gear   SB 088.1

Service Bulletin: SB 088.1

Subject: Cam Follower Replacement Folding Wing Cam Gear


All MARK series G-1000 and GX-1000 machines prior to 1980 required extensive disassembly to replace the cam follower used in the Folder Wing Cam Gear drive.

To simplify this maintenance procedure, the two Brackets 18229-D and 18231-C, which hold the Cam Followers can be reworked to allow the use of a Sleeve Bushing to hold the Follower and then allow its replacement without removing the main support brackets themselves.

Enclosed is a sketch 30189-B describing the rework of the present Brackets (18229-D and 18231-C) bore to accept a new Sleeve Bushing part number 29445-A, and an anti-rotation dowel pin. With the bracket rebored to the described close accuracy, so as not to misalign the follower in its cam track, the 29445-A Sleeve can be inserted and a 0.250011 (6 mm) diameter by 1.00″ ~25 mm) long dowel pin pressed in place.

When follower replacement is required, the Sleeve Bushing is jack screwed out by using the two tapped holes provided through its flange. The cam follower eccentric can then be readily removed and the follower replaced. A section of assembly drawing 29442-E enclosed shows the finished installation.

This design is standard on all machines delivered starting in 1980.

When ordering specify both items.