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Improved Top Curl Lubrication   SB 101.1

Service Bulletin: SB 101.1

Subject: Improved Top Curl Lubrication


To reduce the overspray and dripping of top curl lubricant, and when the spray system is preferred over the recent felt pad application method, a new system is now available.

ON FHA HEAT SEAL: Using a new tooling Tamper Plate and front Lube Cup, and connecting these to the existing vacuum reservoir tank (Ref. item 12) located behind the second bottom incurl station, the excess lub spray is carried back to the tank and a minimum of over spray accumulates on the machine base. Also, any tendency for the spray valve nozzle to drip lub is collected in the front Lub Cup and can not fall into the cup or its pocket.

ON CONTACT HEAT SEAL OR GLUE SEAL MACHINE: In addition to the items described under the FHA system it will be necessary to incorporate the vacuum reservoir tank on the bottom station assembly side of the machine. Connect the tank to machine main line vacuum connection. (Ref. item 15/16)

The enclosed schematic 47889-C describes the installation for all models, and list the necessary parts required:

Machine parts for FHA Models: 35.- 40.- 44.-

Machine parts for Contact Heat Seal or Glue Seal: 190.- 210.- 240- Glue