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Improved Support for FHA Gun Assemblies   SB 103.1

Service Bulletin: SB 103.1

Subject: Improved Support for FHA Gun Assemblies


An improved support for the FHA Bottom Heat Gun’s reciprocating nozzle assembly is available. The design will support the weight of the Nozzle Slide assembly off its Diffuser Bearing, part 34291-A. This support will extend the wear life of the bearing, and keep the nozzle on its centerline.

All FHA model machines can use this new standard design. Attached sketches show the installation required parts and their cost which are:

G/PMC-1250 PMC-1500
L.H. Support 48605-B 49202-B 49315-B
R.H. Support 48606-B 49201-B 49316-B
Adjusting Screw 48607-A 48607-A 48607-A
5/16-18 NC Hex Nut Required N/A N/A
¼-20 NC x ¾” Hex Bolt N/A Required N/A
¼ Int. Tooth L/Washer N/A Required N/A