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FHA Bottom Roller Sidewall Turn-in Assembly   SB 107.1

Service Bulletin: SB 107.1

Subject: FHA Bottom Roller Sidewall Turn-in Assembly


Some Bottom Sidewall Shell Roller Incurl units used on FHA machines, prior to those referenced, have been found to experience premature wear of the Roller Mount and Shafts. These early replacements were the result of not using the provided shell wheel lubricator (see Operator Manual page 5-30), intended to apply lubricant to the outside of the shell. This applied lubricant prevents scuffing of the outside poly laminates, and also transfers lubricant to the roller’s bearing shaft.

Most reported wear has been related to miswrapped heavy wall shells (.018/0.45mm) where heavier pressure is applied to the roller shaft and Mounts.

To improve the life of these components the complete Roller Head Assembly, has been redesigned to provide maximum wear life of all components, though still requiring the use of the wheel lubricator.

At this time PMC has discontinued the manufacturing of original Roller Head components, including:

Roller Mount ——– 37221-A
Roller Retainers —- 37223-A
Shafts ————– 37222-A
Rollers ————- 37227-A
Rollers ————- 38337-A
Rollers ————- 48064-A

All parts are now replaced with:

Roller Mount ——– 48255-B
Roller Retainer —– 48252-Al
Roller Shaft ——– 48253-Al
Thrust Washer ——- 48254-A
Roller ————– 48304-Al
Roller ————– 48305-Al
Roller ————– 48306-Al

When ordering, specify Roller part number from the cups tooling bill.

48304-A for .200″ (0.51mm) or less bottom depths

48305-A for greater then .200″ (0.51mm) through .375 (0.95mm) bottom depths

48306-A for bottom depths greater then .37511 (0.95mm)

The new components are not interchangeable and initially must be replaced by a complete assembly.

To assist in the original changeover PMC has allowed a ten percent price allowance for all complete sets ordered by January 1, 1988.

Since components are manufactured in high volumes the obsolete parts are available only on a special manufacturing run and will be priced on request only. It is not believed to be economical to replace items of the original design.