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Reformer Return Spring Bracket Improvement   SB 108.1

Service Bulletin: SB 108.1

Subject: Reformer Return Spring Bracket Improvement


The new PMC “HI-SPEED” machines incorporate an improved bracket design for the bottom reformer return spring. This new design prolongs the life of the return spring draw bar, no. 19967-A by eliminating the previous angle iron attach-ment point, and replacing it with a bronze sleeve attachment point.

This new feature can be added to G-1000 machines manufactured under serial numbers G-1000-4442/1972 thru G-1000-7090, and GX-1000 machines manufactured under serial numbers GX-1000-4935 thru G-1000-12514.

Rework of the existing reformer Quadrant Crank no. 18305-D is not required. The new bracket no. 42124-B bolts to the Quadrant Crank no. 18305-D in exactly the same manner as the previous bracket no. 19966-B.

See attached sketch for installation drawing

The following parts are included with the bracket replacement kit.

(1) 42124-B, Spring Bracket
(1) 42123-A, Spring Pivot Bearing
(1) 42122-A, Mounting Screw
(2) 5/16-18NC, Hex Jam Nuts

Current Delivery: Three (3) weeks