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Cam Follower Replacement for Folding Wing Cam Gear   SB 111.1

Service Bulletin: SB 111.1

Subject: Cam Follower Replacement for Folding Wing Cam Gear


PMC recommends that the folding wing cam gear cam followers be replaced every 3,000 hours. This procedure should be considered as general maintenance and is an addition to secion 6 “General Maintenance and Inspection procedure” found in your PMC operator’s manual.

We suggest the following procedure in replacement of the folding wing cam gear cam followers. The procedure used holds true for all G/PMC1000, G/PMC-1250, GX-1000 Series machines. Refer to PMC folding wing activator assembly drawing (G/PMC-1000., #39831-E), (G/PMC-1250, #34956-E), GX-1000 #38338-E) for description and part numbers used in this procedure.

1) Start with the folding wing cam gear located on the main cam shaft.

2) Position machine so that the cam track is in line with the pin that holds the cam follower arm and the folding wing link together.

3) Remove the 5/16 socket head cam screw, the 5/16 lockwasher and the key-link pin #18243-A from the cam follower arm #18232-B.

4) Remove the link pin #18242-A by reaching behind (in the cam track) and pushing it out away from the folding wing cam gear. (The short side of an allen wrench may be used to accomplish this).

5) Move to the opposite side of cam follower arm #18232-B.

6) Loosen the 3/4 hex jam nut on the lock pin #19202-A. Tap lightly to free the eccentric pivot shaft.

7) Remove the (2) 1/4 socket head cap screws from the eccentric cap #19203-A. Remove the eccentric cap #19203-A.

8) Remove the flange bearing #29445-A (use 1/4-20 jack bolts to accomplish this).

9) Remove the eccentric pivot shaft #18235-A.

10) The cam follower arm #18232-B can now be moved until it is free of the housing.

11) Remove the old cam follower #CF 1-3/4-B-5 McGill and replace it with a new cam follower #CF 1-3/4-B-5 McGill.

A) Always use a new “Flex-Loc locknut thin 3/4-16NF” each time a followe is replaced.
B) Torque the locknut to McGill specification of 78ft.LBS.

12) Installation of the cam follower arm #18232-B can be performed in reverse order of its removal.

13) Use the same procedure to replace the folding wing cam gear cam follower located outboard of the main cam shaft.

14) Re-adjustment of folding wings can be.done as described in your PMC Operator’s manual section 5 “Adjustments” under the heading “Folding Wings, initial adjustment – wrapping pressure”.