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Incline Hopper   SB 152.1

Service Bulletin: SB 152.1

Subject: Incline Hopper


We now have incline hoppers available for the PMC-1500/PMC-1501 units with upgraded shafts, bearings and belts. The belts, shafts and bearings have been increased in size to improve operation. This was done to keep the belts from slipping under the weight of the blanks. Existing units can be upgraded.

Here is the list of parts for the model 1500, inclined hopper shaft kit:


P/N Description  Qty.
HW-17452 Bearing, flange 1″ modified 4
HW-17453 Shaft collar w/ss 4
PT-10044 Belt, hopper 187″L x 3″W 1
HW-17454 Pulley, drive incline 2
HW-17455 Bracket, bearing 2
HW-17456 Kit, head shaft 1500 1
HW-17457 Mount, bearing 2
HW-17458 Shaft, tail 1
HW-17459 Block, pillow 3/4 modified 2
HW-17460 Belt, timing .38 P 1″ width 1
HW-17461 Pulley, 1.00W .75B kw & ss 1
HW-17462 Pulley, large .75W QD SD 1
HW-17463 Shaft, jack upper 1
HW-17464 Bushing, QD SD .75B .19 kwy 1
HW-17645 Pulley 1.00W .75B KW SS 2
HW-17646 Belt, timing .38″ pitch 1