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Transfer Turret — Bushings   SB 172.1

Service Bulletin: SB 172.1

Subject: Transfer Turret — Bushings


To increase the service life of the transfer turret module assemblies on the PMC-1001, Paper Machinery Corporation is pleased to provide retrofit assemblies #214-275. This kit includes all of the bushings required for the 5 module assemblies. Flange bushings are being used to reduce moving parts and the material has been changed to extend the operating life of the modules. It does not include the spring posts (with the bronze insert) or the springs that should be changed at the same time. Inspection of the 10 grippers and 5 wear segments should be performed at the same time for possible replacement to get optimum performance from the transfer turret.

Please contact the Customer Service department at PMC for pricing, delivery and if you have any questions.