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Paper Machinery Corporation designs and manufactures the highest quality forming machines for the production of paper cups and paperboard containers for the world market.

PMC provides a wide array of machine models to meet the diverse needs of converters, food service and beverage company suppliers, food manufacturers and packagers worldwide. From two-piece paperboard container forming machines to an array of ancillary equipment, PMC provides innovative solutions to the converting and packaging markets.

Paper Cup & Container Forming Machines

PMC 1003 Cup/Container Forming Machine

High-speed paper cup and container forming.

PMC-1250 Series Forming Machine

Forms wide range of round and non-round paper cup and container sizes.

PMC 1300 Series Container Forming Machine

Large paperboard container forming.

PMC 2000S Servo Driven Forming Machine

Servo driven paperboard cup and container forming

Plastic Cup & Container Forming Machines

PMC 1003P Plastic Cup/Container Forming Machine

High-speed plastic cup and container forming.

PMC-1250P Plastic Cup/Container Forming Machine

Forms wide range of plastic cup and container sizes.

PMC 1300P Plastic Cup/Container Forming Machine

Large plastic container forming.

Overwrap/Double Wall Machines

Custom Machines

PMC PEM 300 Machine

Paperboard end application machine.

PMC 1250C Tube Forming Machine

Forms single-wrap, paperboard tubes.

Die Cutting Machine

PMC HS 800 High Speed Die Cutting Machine

High speed die cutting machine for sidewall blanks.