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Paper Machinery Corporation designs and manufactures state-of-the-art cup and container forming machines. The following videos introduce the major features of each machine and highlight the function of each station in the forming process.

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PL 100 Video

The PL 100 is the next step in PMC's innovative solutions for Paperboard lids.

PL 300 Video

The PL 300 produces high-quality 2-piece convolute paperboard lids that are strong and durable.

PMC Corporate Video

Paper Machinery Corporation is the leading worldwide manufacturer of machinery to form paperboard cups and containers.

PMC 2500S Video

This video is an overview of the PMC 2500S, which forms tapered cups and containers or straight wall round or non-round canisters.

PMC 1003 Video

This video gives a station-by-station overview of the PMC 1003 paperboard container-forming machine and shows a range of applications.

2001S Video

This video gives an overview of PMC’s 2001S machinery and introduces the range of containers formed on the machinery.

PMC 1300 Video

This video reviews the PMC 1300 series machinery and showcases the large-scale, round and non-round paperboard packages they produce.

PMC OW 2000S/PMC OW 800

This video introduces PMC’s overwrap machines which deliver thermal insulation for hot drink cups, food containers and retail single serving packages.


The PMC OW 2000S GSM forms double wall cups for hot drinks, noodle cups, frozen foods and packages that require insulation properties.

PMC HS800 Video

This video introduces the PMC HS 800 High Speed Die Cutting Machine, which is designed for cutting sidewall blanks for paperboard cups and containers.

Plastic Container Forming Video

This video gives an overview of PMC’s plastic cup and package forming machinery and introduces the range of containers they form.