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Dairy Packaging

Paper and Plastic Overwrap

Tapered thermoformed and injection-molded containers are popular dairy packages. But, they are limited in the quality of their graphics. The solution is a printed paperboard wrap around a thin wall thermoform plastic container. Light caliper plastic is economical and the paperboard wrap provides both quality printing and container strength. Round or non-round containers can be efficiently formed on the OW 800  machine at speeds up to 155 cpm.

Round Straight Wall

For in-plant operations straight wall containers offer better efficiencies in distribution than tapered containers. And, paperboard containers offer better print quality, are less costly and more easily formed from paperboard than from injection molded or thermoformed plastic. These round, straight wall containers can be formed on either the PMC 2500SPMC 1300 series  or PMC 2001S machinery at speeds up to 240 cpm.