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PL 300 2-Piece Paper Lid Machine

PL 300 2-Piece Paper Lid Machine

The PL 300 produces high-quality 2-piece convolute paperboard lids that are strong and durable, allowing great expansion and flexibility for container manufacturers. Our forward-thinking engineers and highly trained technicians have leveraged decades of award-winning innovation and service to produce a paperboard lid machine that is waiting to help you expand your packaging needs.

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Now, with global developments in the food service industry opening up, PMC has engineered machines that are servo-driven to reduce its production floor footprint and offers far more flexibility during operations as opposed to a traditional mechanical motor.


  • Production Rate

    110 lids/min – 170 lids/min (depends on lid size, caliper, etc.)

  • Product Size Ranges

    • Round lid diameter: 2.5 in. (63,5 mm) – 7.0 in (177,8 mm) (inside lower ring in-curl)
    • Non-round lid diameter: 2.5 in. (63,5 mm) – 7.5 in. (190,5 mm) length or width, must be rectangular
    • Ring stock caliper: 0.0125 in. to 0.023 in. standard cup stock
    • Disk stock caliper: 0.015 in. to 0.023 in. standard cup stock

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