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PMC PEM 300 Machine

PMC PEM 300 Machine

The PEM 300 Paperboard End Application Machine is the most efficient way to form, insert and inseal paperboard bottoms into spiral-wound tubes. With paperboard bottoms applied on the PEM 300, all-paperboard containers are safe, environmentally appropriate and highly cost-effective. The double-sealed paperboard bottom increases top-to-bottom compression strength for easier stacking and provides an ideal location for printing date or UPC codes.

The PEM 300 is designed for in-line production with a tube winder and downstream filling and closure equipment. Super-heated air or hot melt directed at the inside and outside sealing areas of the tube is used to bond the bottom to the tube to produce an effective seal.

Unique features of the PEM 300 include:

  • Easy-to-operate, free-standing control panel with graphic operator interface allows for machine control and displays machine output data, and diagnostic information with troubleshooting direction.
  • When an absence of downstream container demand signals the PEM 300 to interrupt container output, cycle stop and idle mode features stop feeding pre-formed tubes, clear the turret of in-process materials and keep the machine indexing until demand resumes.
  • AC servo motors enable both machines to easily adjust their production speeds to match those of in-line equipment.


  • Production Rate

    140 -170 containers per minute

  • Conversion Materials

    For FHA seal, one- or two-side polyethylene-coated paperboard; uncoated paperboard for glue seal.

  • Caliper Range

    Tubes: .030" - .045 (.75 mm - 1.15 mm)
    Bottom Stock: .010" - .025" (.25 mm - .65 mm)


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