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Optional Increased Bottom Seal Pre-Heat Capacity   119-11-90

Service Bulletin: 119-11-90

Subject: Optional Increased Bottom Seal Pre-Heat Capacity


As an option to the use of 6000 watt heaters in a new element housing assembly as described in Service Bulletin 114-3-90, a new option is available:

For low caliper paper under .015″ (.38mm) on cups of bottom depths less than .312 (8.Omm), increased heat capacity can be obtained by replacing the existing 360OW heater element with a newly available 460OW element. This higher capacity element can be assembled in the existing 360OW housing and avoid the expense required to use the 6000 watt elements as described in Service Bulletin 114-3-90.

When incorporating the new element it is necessary to replace the existing 20amp Circuit Breaker and Fuse in the console with 25amp components.

The 460OW element number is 003-10193 and including one each 20amp Circuit Breaker and-Fuse.

NOTE: Enclosed with this bulletin is an updated Service Bulletin Index starting with Service Bulletin 82-4-82.