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Glue Seal Model Valve Assembly   SB 004.1

Service Bulletin: SB 004.1

Subject: Glue Seal Model Valve Assembly


On all models using pneumatic stencil type adhesive applicator an improved seal against adhesive seepage can be gained by:

1) Replace Valve #19795-A with a new four axial groove body in place of the original five groove design valve 19795-A

2.) Rework Valve Body #22973-A for flat bottom counter bore described below. Insert butyl “O” Ring ARP568-010 at bottom of counter bore and place sleeve #22975-A over “O” Ring. Attach Holding Plate #22974-A on top using existing tapped holes. Re-assemble complete Valve Unit.

Butyl “O” Ring ARP568-010
Sleeve #22975-A
Holding Plate #22974-A