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Sidewall Stock — Tension Control   SB 025.1

Service Bulletin: SB 025.1

Subject: Sidewall Stock — Tension Control


To improve sidewall web tension control, as fed either through an in-line printing press or photoelectric register feeder, a manual air regulated tension brake can be adapted to existing PMC Roll Stands. The brake unit includes a manual control, air filter and regulator.

This new commercial tension brake can be mounted on any existing PMC roll stand. The complete installation also includes a new core support shaft (i.e. not-including chuck) with roller bearing journal supports and safety latch lock down. In addition a new side guide alignment assembly is supplied which allows for ease of sidewall roll alignment as required to compensate for telescoped rolls, pre-printed side registration variations, and printing plate misalignment.

All components are shown on reference assembly 24285-E attached including spacer block to allow assembly to various thickness side frames used on previous roll-stands.

When ordering specify Complete Air Brake Conversion assembly per Service Bulletin 25-3-76.