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First Bottom Station Heat Seal Accessories   SB 029.1

Service Bulletin: SB 029.1

Subject: First Bottom Station Heat Seal Accessories


All G-1000 heat seal machines manufactured after 1966 can incorporate an improved First Bottom Station Tubular Heater (#25850-B) and Cord Support. The new heaters construction improves heater terminal connections and with a new rear Stop Plate (#25629-B) and GuideBushings (#25734-A) using a heater lead cord grip plug flexing of heater leads is minimized.

Installation requires only replacement of the front Tubular Heater #15854-B with new heater #25850-B, and the rear Stop Plate with ‘Bushing inserts. It is recommended on installation to also install a new heater lead wire and plug for total improvement. A complete set of parts is available for the change over by ordering the items listed below.


   1       25629-B    Stop Plate
   2       25734-A    Bushing-PC into Stop Plate
   1       25850-B    Tubular Heater
   2       25735-A    Harden Washer
   1                  Cord Grip Bushing for Stop Plate
   1                  24" Stranded Nickel Heated Lead Wire, 
                      Terminal and Protective Sleeving Male 
                      Connector Plug

Note: Price quoted is firm for sixty days from issuance of this Service Bulletin, and then subject to change.

Please reference Service Bulletin 29-8-76 when ordering.