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Glue Stencil Negator Assembly   SB 030.1

Service Bulletin: SB 030.1

Subject: Glue Stencil Negator Assembly


All glue seal model G-1000 machines using the air pressure principle of adhesive stencil application can have a negating mechanism incorporated to lift the glue stencil off the lower support table if no blank is located on the Transfer Turret at the glue station.

This, glue head lifter assembly #25778-B can be incorporated by reworking existing Stencil, Manifold and Lower Support Table tool with instructions supplied by PMC. Installation mounting, air and electrical connections will be schematically prepared for customer installation.

The advantages of this feature are to preclude the letdown of adhesive ‘on the Lower Support Table on initial start up of the machine or in any instance where there is no blank on the transfer turret under the Stencil Applicator.

The complete Glue Head Lifter Assembly #25778-B components can be supplied with local rework and installation instructions.

When ordering specify:

a.) Service Bulletin No. 30-9-76
b.) Serial Number of G-3,000 machine
c.) Cup size.and.PMC cup drawing number