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Glue Stencil Negator — PMC Glue Seal Machines   SB 033.1

Service Bulletin: SB 033.1

Subject: Glue Stencil Negator — PMC Glue Seal Machines


All PMC glue seal machines manufactured since 1975 have incorporated an automatic shut off air cylinder for the glue stencil manifold when the machine is stopped. Machines with this design can now have incorporated an automatic negator system which will automatically lift the Stencil face off the blank support table if there is noblank on the transfer turret under the adhesive station.

This feature insures a cleaner operation particularly on machine startup. Under all conditions of normal operation there can never be adhesive deposited on the blank support table.

Installation is per assembly 25778-B, with the customer required to locally rework their Stencil and Manifold, and Lower Support Table-with instructions supplied by PMC. When ordering specify machine serial number and tooling cup number and Glue Stencil Negator Assembly 25778-B per this Service Bulletin Number 33-10-76.