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Cup-On-Mandrel Safety Switch   SB 043.1

Service Bulletin: SB 043.1

Subject: Cup-On-Mandrel Safety Switch


A new cup on mandrel safety detector switch has been developed primarily for G-1000 machines, and is also adaptable to our GX, GXE and PMC-1500 models.

The enclosed photo reproduction is self explanatory as to the new switch mounting in place of the present micro-switch. The latter unit is subject to damage and at times can be inoperative due to mis-positioning. The new limit switch with altered arm length has proven more reliable and suitable for production situations.

The components required are:

One (1) Support Bracket #26962-B
One (1) Limit Switch #LSB3K2
One (1) Arm-Limit Switch #LSZ52C

If items are not readily available we can provide a complete assembly. When ordering please specify this Service Bulletin number. This design will be standard on all PMC machines delivered in the last quarter of 1977.