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Top Curl Stations — Support Stand   SB 046.1

Service Bulletin: SB 046.1

Subject: Top Curl Stations — Support Stand


For those customers having repeated tooling changes on a G-1000 series machine a new Top Curl Station Stand is available. In place of the earlier two cast Stands part #81103-Da single Stand #25694-D with a removable Top Plate #25695-C can be installed. With this design top curl station assemblies (ref. Pre-curl And Finish Curl) can be readily removed for tooling changes and/or maintenance by simply removing (I the Top Plate 25695-C, and not disturbing the pre-established centered location of the base stand.

Caution: This design has inherently greater strength than the cast Stands and over stress caused by multiple shells in the rimming pockets will be damaging. However, if excessive, the resulting stress could cause mechanical failure elsewhere in the Top Curl Drive and Support mechanism.

This new assembly 26883-D is now standard on all G-1000 machines. Retrofit assemblies including (1) Stand 25694-D, (1) Top Plate 25695-C and (2) Bushings 23758-D may be ordered.

When ordering please reference Service Bulletin 46-2-78.