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Blank Transfer Turret Gripper Mechanism   SB 048.1

Service Bulletin: SB 048.1

Subject: Blank Transfer Turret Gripper Mechanism


The gripper activating mechanism of the basic Transfer Turret Assembly 21002-E has always experienced wear, maintenance and operating limitations. As the teeth of the Rack Gears 81189-B, Pinion Shaft 15873-B and the bore of the Support Bushing 81190-A wore, operating problems were encountered related to blank pick up. The replacement of these parts usually in sets of six was an expensive maintenance problem.

PMC has redesigned the basic assembly to eliminate all of the listed parts, and incorporated a pivot link principle in place of the gear mechanism. This new design was established as standard in late 1977 after extensive field testing and is now available as a retrofit to earlier G-1000 models. The initial investment should be compared to earlier parts and maintenance cost, and be considered as an alternative when present units need repair.

While there are a few common items used in both assemblies there are new parts along with the new Turret Casting 25800-D, all new activating mechanism components on a change over. The complete assembly can be purchased.

When ordering please reference this Service Bulletin. Prices quoted are firm for sixty days and then are subject to change. Delivery can only be determined at the time of processing but this assembly can not be considered as being available from stock.

NOTE: Those customers with GX, GXE and PMC-1500 Container Machines can have replacements.