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Seam Clamp Heater Terminals - Glue Seal Machines   SB 049.1

Service Bulletin: SB 049.1

Subject: Seam Clamp Heater Terminals - Glue Seal Machines


A new design terminal connection has been developed for all glue seal machines. In place of the phenolic terminal block design between the seam clamp heaters and the turret mounting plate, the heater leads can have crimp terminals attached and the leads literally plugged into a terminal block secured to the new mounting plate.

The design permits efficient installation of seam clamp heaters with minimum maintenance. When used in conjunction with the new heavy duty steel sheath leads and rigbtangle type heaters, designated as CR3 or CRE3 type provides remarkably reliable heater and lead life.

To convert an existing older style mounting plate assembly order the following, referencing this service bulletin and machine serial number to be converted.

One (1) Complete pre-assembled Mandrel Turret Mounting Plate consisting of:

(1) 27508-C Mounting Plate
(4) 5/16-18NC x 5″ Lg. Threaded Rod
(16) T-202-S Terminal
(16) DC-68-1-2 Terminal Block
(16) 42282-2 Terminal
(16) 480054-3 Terminal Housing
(8) 5/16-18 Hex Nut

Spare Heater Lead Connections
(50) 42282-2 Terminal
(50) 480054-3 Terminal Housing

A rework drawing will be supplied locating four (4) tapped holes in the top face of the Mandrel Turret Castings. These are for the 5/16 threaded rods used to support the mounting plate. Export installations may choose to use locally available 8mm threaded support rods and nuts.

New heavy duty CHR type seam clamp heaters will be quoted with cross reference to existing CH3 type given on your request. This new type heater generally uses lower wattage ratings and must be installed initially as a complete set of eight.

All prices are firm for sixty days, and are days, and are subject to change.