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Top Curl Rimming Lubrication   SB 053.1

Service Bulletin: SB 053.1

Subject: Top Curl Rimming Lubrication


It has been brought to our attention by one installation, that excessive wear on the rimming pocket knockout plungers and plate cam have been attributed to the use of silicone oil for rimming lubricant. See Service Bulletin 47-3-78 and page 19 of Service Manual booklet. In addition, the metal wear experienced also caused continuous dirty outside bottoms of the cups as discharged from the machine.

While this experience is quite unique, to our knowledge we believe all installations should be aware of this potential problem. The substitution of food grade pure white mineral oil as used for bottom stock lubrication has corrected the problem as reported.

We would very much appreciate having each recipient of this bulletin advising us of their present lubricating experiences to date by completing and returning the enclosed copy of this bulletin. Thank you for your cooperation.