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Main Drive Brake System — Mark Series   SB 055.1

Service Bulletin: SB 055.1

Subject: Main Drive Brake System — Mark Series


A combination air clutch and spring loaded brake has been developed for the G-1000 machine main drive. The brake insures a smooth, rapid stop in less than one machine cycle. A unique, automatic control system provides maximum clutch torque for quick acceleration at machine start up.However, when the machine is in the run mode, the clutch torque is automatically reduced. In the event of a jam the clutch will slip rather than transmit additional force to the drive. If the jam condition continues the machine will automatically shut down.

An additional operating feature of the brake/clutch unit is the ability to accurately inch the machine in the jog mode.

The complete brake/clutch unit, regulating controls, mounting bracket support and drive belt can be supplied with installation drawings for.

Those interested in incorporation of this unit machine prior to the G-1000-70 model or on GX series machines will be quoted on request.

When ordering please reference this Service Bulletin and specify machine serial number to be modified.

It is also adviseable to inventory a Maintenance Repair Kit Number 02hA to support up to three units.