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Top Curl Tools Lubricant   SB 057.1

Service Bulletin: SB 057.1

Subject: Top Curl Tools Lubricant


Based on the confirming replies to our Service Bulletin 53-10-78 we can recommend that all customers use only food grade pure white mineral oil for top curl lubricant. Wherever a silicone fluid was reported in use the converter experienced premature wear of Rimming Pocket Knockout Plungers and/or Cam Plates. The wear also was related to oil/dirt spots on the underside of the cup bottom due to discharge air contamination.

The reported believed benefit of silicone was to neutralize static electricity particularly in shallow bottom vending hot cups. The problem of static electricity is better approached from machine room environment (humidity), anti-static systems or other more proven methods. We can report that some customers have found inexpensive benefits gained by mixing a pre-measured amount of Polysorbanate Monolurate l -1/4 oz. (40 cc) into one gallon (3.8 liters) of mineral oil. This material is often known by its trade name Tween 20 as manufactured by Emulsion Engineering, Elk Grove, Illinois.

Our thanks to all those converters who shared their experience-by returning SB-53-10-78.