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Heat Seal Tooling — Upper Preheat Support   SB 059.1

Service Bulletin: SB 059.1

Subject: Heat Seal Tooling — Upper Preheat Support


Heat seal tooling having the Upper Preheat bars supported by dual stripper bolts thru a steel adjusting plate with bronze inserts can now obtain replacement Adjusting Plates with renewable insert type bronze bushing pressed into the Plate. The new bushings replace the present threaded inserts.

It is recommended that as Adjusting Plate bushings wear, that the complete plate and bushings be replaced initially with the new design. As the bushings subsequently wear they can be removed and inexpensive replacement bushings re-installed into the Adjusting Plate.

Replacement Adjusting Plate with replaceable Bushings Available
Spare replacement guide bushings Available

When ordering new replacement Adjustment Plates specify “with bushings” and give the heater location (i.e. First Upper Side Seam, Bottom Seam or Second Upper Side or Bottom Seam), cup drawing number, tooling and machine SO number to be updated. All orders received for replacement plates will be supplied of the new design.

For installations having the Upper Preheat supported by a center yoke support can be updated to the latest design by ordering a complete new Upper Preheat assembly for a specified tooling set. This would include a Support Plate, Adjusting Plates, Preheat bar tooling, cartridge heaters and all required hardware. Specify cup drawing number, tooling and machine SO number to be updated.

All prices quoted are firm for sixty days and then are subject to change.