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1st Bottom Station Tubular Heater   SB 062.1

Service Bulletin: SB 062.1

Subject: 1st Bottom Station Tubular Heater


First Bottom Station Incurl Tubular Heater (25850-B) is a high wattage density heater which is subject to premature failure by either mechanical and/or electrical shock. In order to obtain optimum service life of this heater it must be installed as described in Service Bulletins 29-8-76, 54-10-78 and 56-11-78.

Due to the high wattage of this heater the manufacturer will not warranty its construction, but there is a significant improvement of operating life particularly when the thermal cement system described in Service Bulletin 56-11-78 is followed. The mechanical failure of terminal pin and/or lug connection are minimized by Service Bulletin 29-8-76 and 54-10-78.

Unless all of the described procedures are followed there is no assurance of heater performance. It may be noted that the thermal cement system is applicable to all tubular heaters used on PMC machines.