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Photo Register Scanner Light Bulb — Tube Type   SB 063.1

Service Bulletin: SB 063.1

Subject: Photo Register Scanner Light Bulb — Tube Type


For some time now we have been supplying a RSA Scanner light bulb number GE-1129 as a replacement for the standard 1621 bulb normally supplied with the tube type scanner model RSA.

The GE-1129 bulb has a longer life and generally is suitable for most pre-printed register marks. The standard bulb 1621 is a more intense light source and while having less life expectancy is capable of detecting light color register marks for register correction.

Unless an order specifically requests bulb 1621 as “no substitute” we are supplying the GE-1129 bulb to all customers.

It is also our recommendation that as maintenance replacement allows that serious consideration be given to replace the older tube register unit Amplifier, Scanner and Selector Switch with a solid state model now available.