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Main Drive Belt and Pulley   SB 065.1

Service Bulletin: SB 065.1

Subject: Main Drive Belt and Pulley


A new positive grip drive belt and pulley design is now available for all machines having an air brake/clutch unit previously incorporated to the main drive. The new drive belt and its special sprocket replace the earlier designs using either three (3) 3V425 Vee belts or a Wedge Band 3R-3V425.

With the brake/clutch available as a safety overload release the new belt drive gives a very positive fixed drive eliminating belt stretch and/or slippage. This insures a fixed pre-set machine speed and eliminates any need for periodic belt tightening.

To incorporate the described design requires:

(1) 28542-C Pulley/Sprocket

(1) P108-8M-30-HTD Sprocket

(1) 1-3/4 SK Bushing

(1) 1120-8M-30-HTD Belt


When ordering please reference this Service Bulletin and the machine serial number to be revised.