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Heat Seal Temp Control   SB 067.1

Service Bulletin: SB 067.1

Subject: Heat Seal Temp Control


Since the introduction in 1975 of the solid state temperature controller system in place of the voltage controller units, we have been asked to offer a retrofitable control panel on earlier model machines. After a number of installations we can now offer a complete pre-assembled control panel and installation instructions for existing machines. Accessories including thermocouple wire, console cooling fan and installation tools are supplied.

Instructions include complete wiring information and necessary rework of existing pre-heat tools, First Bottom Station, and Hot Curl tool as applicable for attachment of the new thermocouple adapter.

This heat control system permits a direct read out of the operating temperature of each heated tool on the machine. Optimum temperature settings can be established and regulated automatically within one half of one percent of setting. The solid state proportional controller monitors operating temperature and will automatically shut down the machine if any heater except the lower bottom pre-heat, fails. This protects against producing cups without full sealing heat.

On machines having a hot finish curl tool station a controller allows for precision heat setting for top curl forming.

When ordering specify machine serial number and tooling set cup number to be modified.

Customers having PX, GXE or 1500 model machines can be quoted on request.