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Top Curl Lubricator   SB 075.1

Service Bulletin: SB 075.1

Subject: Top Curl Lubricator


In order to prevent the drain back of the lubricating fluid from the Tamper Spray Nozzle on machine ‘stoppage’, a check valve can be installed in the fluid line. This commercial Deltrol Valve CN10BK also serves as a fine adjusting valve for controlling the amount of lub oil applied, as well as a back flow check valve. The check feature insures that there is lubricant available on re-start of the machine for a good top curl roll.

On G-1000-XXXX-3700 series machines from 1977 the only change required is to remove the present needle valve and install the new valve and fittings on the side of the enclosure. Earlier series of machines not having an enclosure can have the valve and straight-line poly flow fittings installed in place of the original valve.

Check Needle Valve ‘CN10BK with Fittings

Note: When ordering specify machine serial number so the proper fittings can be supplied.