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Sidewall Die Block   SB 077.1

Service Bulletin: SB 077.1

Subject: Sidewall Die Block


When multiple sets of tools are to be installed on a G-1000 machine of the MARK Series manufactured through September 1977, it is necessary to remove the segmented sidewall feeder assembly in order to replace the tooling spacer used with the sidewall blanking die. Also, when tall cups of nominally 12 oz. (355 ml) capacity are used as well as some squat designs, it is necessary to install a special Die Block. Both requirements can add significant time to a tooling change as well as cost for special machine adaptation parts including a Die Block.

A new universal Die Block is available which is suitable for the full range of cups and containers that can be made on a G-1000 machine. The design also allows the use of a top mounting tooling Die Spacer, which eliminates the need to move the Die Block during a tooling change. Also, the sidewall Segmented Feeder can readily be positioned to suit its required height for the installed Die and Spacer.

When ordering reference this service bulletin, G-1000 serial number of machine to be updated, and cup number with its reference SO number.