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Cup-ln-Pocket Safety Switch   SB 080.1

Service Bulletin: SB 080.1

Subject: Cup-ln-Pocket Safety Switch


A more positive safety switch and mounting has been developed for all G-1000 machines. The original plunger type switch mounted on the side of the Pre-curl Station is activated by the overtravel compression of the pre-curl tool when a second shell is in the rimming pocket.

A new heavy duty micro switch is now mounted on the base of the machine and extends over the pocket as shown on the photo below. This type of switch is very positive in detecting any excessive shell extension out of the pocket. The mounting also eliminates possible loosening of the present mounting bracket due to the vibration of the pre-curl head.

To install this new switch requires:

One (1) 26962-B Switch Bracket

One (1) 31741-A Switch Bracket Clamp

One (1) LSK-3K-8C Limit Switch-Pocket