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Temperature of Paper Roll Stock Prior to Forming   SB 086.1

Service Bulletin: SB 086.1

Subject: Temperature of Paper Roll Stock Prior to Forming


Whenever it is necessary to bring “cold” rolls of paper directly to the cup forming area this can cause a detrimental effect on the paper by allowing moisture in the form of condensation to form on the paper. Avoiding this problem requires conditioning the roll before removing the outer wrapping from the roll.

To normalize the temperature of the paper roll to the converting area temperature:

1. Keep the wrapping on the roll

2.Use temperature conditioning chart below for common roll sizes to determine time in hours required for paper to reach converting area temperature.

Temperature DIFFERENCE in &Mac251;F/&Mac251;C between paper as removed from the storage area (outdoor or warehouse temperature may be used) and the ambient temperature in the converting area.

Cubic Feet Roll Size Dia 10-12 15-9 20-6 25-4
4.9 30″ 76cm 5 hr 9hr 12 hr 15 hr
8.5 40″ 100cm 7 hr 11 hr 15 hr 18 hr
12.2 48″ 122cm 8 hr 14 hr 18 hr 22 hr
19.0 60″ 152cm 10 hr 15 hr 17 hr 25 hr


Cubic Feet Roll Size Dia 30-1 404 5010 6015
4.9 30″ 76cm 18 hr 25 hr 35 hr 30 hr
8.5 40″ 100cm 22 hr 29 hr 43 hr 42 hr
12.2 48″ 122cm 27 hr 38 hr 51 hr 50 hr
19.0 60″ 152cm 31 hr 43 hr 59 hr 60 hr

3. Remove wrapping just prior to putting the paper into the cup machine

Note: To determine cubic feet for any specific roll size square the roll diameter in inches, multiply by .785 and then by the roll width in inches, then divide by 1728.

Cubic feet of roll=[(Roll Dia. in inches)2x .785 x Roll width in inches]/1728
Cubic feet x 0/02832=Cubic Meters

Source:Graphic Arts Technical Foundation “Handbook for Graphic Communications”
Volume: ink, paper, binding – page 50