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Chain Coupling Main Drive Motor — Brake Clutch   SB 087.1

Service Bulletin: SB 087.1

Subject: Chain Coupling Main Drive Motor — Brake Clutch


On all GX and 1500 Series machines a Dodge -6-hain couplingis used between the main drive motor and the posidyne brake/clutch drive. To improve the operating life of the coupling it is recommended that a protective cover be installed over the coupling and it be filled with a suitable grease lubricant.

To install:

1. Remove chain coupling and visually inspect for excessive wear.

2. Remove any foreign material or dirt which may have collected in the chain coupling. Replace with a new coupling if necessary.

3. Re-install the clean or new coupling with a 5018 cover having end seals.

4. Hand pack the coupling cover with a high quality bearing grease.

5. Install top half of the coupling cover and check that the end seals and flange gaskets are properly secured.

Parts Required: