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Lubrication Schedule   SB 089.1

Service Bulletin: SB 089.1

Subject: Lubrication Schedule


All machines using a PMC model 1012CSC type printing Tress should be lubricated according to the following schedule:

INTERVAL PROCEDURE 150 hours Power throw-off moaels only: Pump Shell Alvania EP2 grease or Lubriplate No. 1200-2 (or equiv.) into tubes protruding from anilox roll shafts. 1500 hours Check oil level in gearbox of idler motor. Fill to level of lower oil level plug if required with Shell Delima 71 (or equiv.). 6000 hours Repack needle bearings on cylinder shafts with Shell Alvania EP 2 grease or Lubriplate No. 1200-2 (or equiv.).

Repack bearings in idler motors with Shell Alvania EP2 (or equiv.).